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San Francisco technology entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel is to invest $4 million to support New Zealand online accounting software provider Xero’s expansion into the United States.
Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and director of Facebook, will join Xero’s US advisory board.
This further emphasises Xero’s ambition to be a leading player in the accounting software market

Haxton ( Chartered Accountants in Richmond and Twickenham) are increasingly liaising with clients, current and new, in looking at Xero as a real alternative to their existing software

If Xero is of interest please contact us for further details of this cloud computing application. If you have yet to try Xero you should have a serious look as it is real time accounting with access anywhere that has internet connection

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We, at Haxton, are very excited about the new accounting software we are using and are encouraging our clients to use.

Xero is an online software application and allows us to work more closely with our clients, by giving both of us access to the accounts data, and real time information.  This means that the help and advice we can give can be more up to date and relevant.

Some clients have raised concerns about the security of using an online system and there are certain safeguards that we have investigated before accepting this new system.  Firstly, we have had to ensure the time that the software is unavailable is kept to a minimum so that we are not restricted from working time with the data.  Xero are proud to tell us that their service level performance has been over 99.99% since Xero was launched over three years ago.

They usually have scheduled downtime on Sunday mornings, when the carry out updates. We also wanted to make sure that the software was compliant with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), to provide protection for personal or personal identifiable data and how such information is gathered, stored and transmitted.  The Act says that this personal data can not be sent outside the EU unless (i) the person has consented to this or (ii) adequate protection is in place.

Xero’s response satisfies these concerns, “The combination of our Terms of Use, and the associated Privacy Policy, our regular security audits and the fact that the Rackspace hosting facility is Safe Harbour Certified means that we comfortably meet the criteria of adequate protection”.

We have also had to ensure that our internet connection is reliable.  If it goes down, we would be unable to work.  So we have put in place a backup method of accessing the internet in case of emergencies.

We consider that Xero will improve our efficiency.  Allowing our clients to use this software instead of spreadsheets to supply us with their financial information, giving us more time to help deal with strategic planning and development of the business.

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