Confidential Financial Review


With little time to spare, business owners rarely take the time to explore alternative and potentially more efficient ways of running the financial department.

Consequently, many successful businesses end up with financial processes that work but are not the most effective. These weaknesses often lead to hidden costs in wasted time, money and stress.

What exactly does the review cover?

The Confidential Financial Review is a service which highlights the actions required to reduce or eliminate these unnecessary costs.

The review will look at systems and procedures as well as taking account of management information available to the owner of the business for the purposes of business decisions as well as tax planning and management of tax liabilities.

Who will benefit?

Business owners who:

What are the benefits?

Think of it as a check-up, making sure that you are using the best systems and processes to manage the finances of your business. You will discover if you can improve control and information whilst also reducing costs at the same time.

Why it is free?

Our Confidential Financial Review starts at £300 plus VAT for an off-site assessment with the business owner but we are offering this for free as part of our practice development programme. We have a plan to work with another 25-50 clients and are using the free review as a promotion to demonstrate the quality of service.

What results can you expect?

You’ll get a clear understanding of the outstanding problems and opportunities associated with your businesses financial management.