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ON TRACK By: Clare

With the government making cuts left right and centre and legislation likely to increase the strain on businesses, Haxton believe that keeping a close eye on the numbers is more critical than it has ever been.

Budgeting and analysis is nothing new, and has always been common business sense, but the economic environment is changing so rapidly, especially post recession. Businesses need to adapt to the times.  We are entering an age of austerity, meaning that every possible angle needs to be explored and exploited.

On Track is a new Haxton service from Haxton, designed to keep businesses ahead of the game. Also, we want our clients to make BRILLIANT business decisions, anchored to accurate and complete financial data.

We are very excited about On Track and as a client (or future client), you should be too. It’s a simple but powerful process which brings structure to business planning for small and medium enterprises. It ensures your resources are concentrated on improving profits and increasing returns on investment.

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