Cost effective report


The economy in 2010 is a very different place from just a few years ago. The credit crunch and the resultant recession has radically changed people’s attitudes to money.

The UK seems likely to move into the era of economic uncertainty and everyone recognises that there is no room for inefficiencies with a drive towards better cost efficiency and ultimately better cost effectiveness.

Your accountant should work with you to satisfy all of the above. It is a general assumption that an accountant will guide you through the basic legal requirements of accounts and tax. This may not be true in all cases. A good accountant should go beyond the basics and leave an indelible mark on your business.

What is your accountant doing for you?

An accountant that simply corrects the bookkeeping, files the accounts then tots up the hours and expects the bill to be paid without question is an accountant under the microscope. A business owner needs to justify all expenditure. Professional fees from your accountant should be on your list. Not to see if you can get a cheaper service but to explore a more effective relationship.

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