Haxton has a wide range of services covering traditional accounting services as well as business advisory, consulting and financial management. Our fully qualified resources have the following areas of expertise:

• Financial systems, processes and controls
• Effective business management and reporting
• Budgeting and monitoring
• Mentoring for effective business management
• Outsource financial resources

A commitment to proactive accounting

Whatever the individual elements the key objective of our service is to deliver a guiding proactive solution. Specifically, this means working in partnership with clients having contact during the year.

As a minimum this will be tax planning for business owners and at least one tax planning review before the end of the accounting year. Our commitment to this is such that we will not accept reactive accounting engagements where we only complete a set of accounts and tax returns after the year has finished.

We understand this collaborative approach will not suit every business owner because it requires time, energy and financial commitment from business.