Supporting your business

Why wait for your year-end accounts to see how well your business is not doing? Haxton can provide you with ‘real time’ information either monthly and/or quarterly.

Regular high quality information will enable you to identify trends which can enable you to take advantage of opportunities or deal with any threats.  Together, we can track the progress of your business, helping you to identify areas for discussion. This can also be produced in a report format if required.

As well as producing management accounts Haxton can produce graphs and ratio analysis to help you interpret the numbers. We can sit with you and carry out a review.  This will enable us to give you insights into how to improve the performance of your business.

The benefits of reviews

After every review, you will know exactly where your business finances are, allowing you to respond to the results you see.  This will ultimately give you a competitive advantage allowing you to adapt your business strategy to match and respond to your business finances.